Thursday, June 4, 2009

Azul Restaurant and Bar Coming To Columbia

A new restaurant called Azul Restaurant and Bar has pulled building permits in Columbia for the Snowden River Parkway shopping center that already hosts Pho Dat Thanh.

An anonymous poster tipped me to the permits, which he/she found on the Howard County Web site. The comments says Azul Restaurant is going into the space that was formerly Boardwalk Burgers and Fries. Thanks for the tip.

Does anyone know more about Azul Restaurant and Bar?


JerseyRob said...

That anonymous poster was me. When I stopped by Pho Dat Thanh last week, there was a "STOP WORK" notice on the window of this new restaurant, which is under construction. Apparently, they didn't pull the correct permits. Looking forward to seeing what it is though.

Anonymous said...

I noticed that their sign is up but I didn't check to see if they're open yet. Will check it out tomorrow.

Vk@Nyte said...

there has also been a couple of ads posted on Craigslist for employment, especially Bartenders and servers...however i saw these ads this past week and a moment ago visited the site to get more info (i was thinking of applying since i know Damien personally-the chef and owner,the last i heard)but it seems that the ads were pulled-i guess they found their people,hmm i don't know..seems a bit odd..