Monday, August 18, 2014

Who Asked Me About Buying Squash Blossoms?

Are you looking for squash blossoms?

Someone asked me about this days ago, and I said that I hadn't seen them this year at the Maple Lawn farmers market.

Now Lisbeth has written about the culinary flowers -- and I can't find the email, Facebook post, or Tweet of the person who asked.  Either way, you should check out Lisbeth's post about buying the squash blossoms from Love Dove Farm.  She even has a recipe.

While you're clicking around, check out the other vegetable cookers at the CSA Creations and AnnieRie Unplugged blogs.  The local food blogs are so robust that I can no longer highlight every post, but I always recommend checking out the food page on HocoBlogs -- and love the report on Jailbreak Brewing on HoCo Rising and the photos on Lisbeth's other post about Grace Garden.


Emily said...

It was me! Thanks for posting this, I will check out Lisbeth's post.

Anonymous said...

I had squash blossoms stuffed with goat cheese at Victoria's last week. They were awesome!!

Trip Klaus said...

Saw hundreds of them plants at Larriland but don't know if they sell them, if not big wasted opportunity. If you are out picking check with them.

Jackie A said...

Larriland does sell them- they usually store them in the fridge case in their pre-picked market area.