Thursday, August 7, 2014

Bistro Blanc's Janny Kim Having Success In The Kitchen And In The Mason-Dixon Challenge

The chef from Bistro Blanc is carrying the Howard County flag into a local battle among restaurants.

Janny Kim has reached the semi-finals of the Mason-Dixon Challenge, a contest where chefs cook head-to-head similar to Iron Chef or other reality shows.

Kim takes on a Timonium chef on Monday in "Battle South East Asia" at the Inn At The Collonade in Baltimore.  You can buy tickets to the event.

We need to get out and give Bistro Blanc another try.  In April, the Glenelg restaurant got a resounding review from Richard Gorelick in the Sun.  Gorelick loved everything from small plates to fish to dessert.  It's another place on my list to re-try.


The Unmanly Chef said...

We were unimpressed like you were when we went a couple years back. But the food was excellent, the service was just not there. We def. will retry too.

Anonymous said...

Best restaurant in howard county by far!

Stephanie L. said...

I heard the chef was only 25 but handsome so my girlfriends and I made reservations to Bistro Blanc the following day. The service was mediocre but ALL the food was very well composed. Chef Kim is not only easy on the eyes but so are his dishes.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else heard the rumor that Bistro Blanc may be moving from its current location in Glen Elg?

Anonymous said...

We have confirmed that Bistro Blanc will be moving from its current location in Glenelg to a location near Route 32 and Cedar Lane. The move won't be happening until 2016 as the construction has yet to begin.