Friday, August 1, 2014

Gorman Farm Tomatoes Have Arrived; Enjoy Summer As It Arrives On The Local Farms

Tomatoes at Gorman
Come enjoy the summer as it arrives on the farms.

Gorman Farm had their first home-grown tomatoes last weekend, and that's the harbinger of great produce to come at farms from Laurel to Woodbine.  This is your chance to check them out.

Gorman is an easy drive from Columbia.  They sell their own produce, along with fruit and vegetables from as far as Virginia and the Eastern Shore.  It was shore corn that I bought Saturday.  Six ears that were absolutely the best that I have eaten this year.  We grilled them for friends with bacon-burgers made from Laurel Meat Market's house blend.

The first Gorman tomato ended up with leftover grilled corn.  Cut from the cob, mixed with diced tomatoe, then dressed in a spicy vinegar from Secolari at the Columbia Mall.  Used as a salad, then to fill a quesadilla with some of the house-brand intense cheddar cheese that I love at Wegmans.

I've had other people suggest Frank's Produce Stand in Elkridge.  I have barely been there since we lived on Rte 108, but folks highlighted it to me after I wrote about Baugher's Farm Stand in Ellicott City.  They're all places worth checking out -- and eating heavily.

And, of course, the big adventure is picking your own at Larriland Farm in Woodbine.  Last year, we hit the jackpot on tomatoes.  But the fields will overflow with everything from peaches to apples, beets to chard.  Take advantage of the season.  Remember how last winter seemed like it would never end, and get out there to enjoy the fruit of the heat.

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Anonymous said...

This is an old post but... Gorman is no longer offering retail sales to the public - only CSA members will be able to use the farm stand this summer.