Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Shophouse Asian Kitchen Looks To Open Monday

The Columbia Mall is getting another new restaurant -- Shophouse that looks to be opening Monday, according to the mall Web site.

I don't know the restaurant.  Looks like ShopHouse is a Southeast Asian version of Chipotle -- brought to you by some of the people who started that chain.  It seems to follow Maggiano's and Seasons 52 as upscale chains with real aspirations in their kitchen.  I won't be able to check it out for a while, so please add comments if you give it a try.

Hat tip to Charles who emailed me the link.


Anonymous said...

Not brought to you by some people associated with Chipotle, it's part of the Chipotle group. I haven't been, but the DC location (the first location) has been open a few years. They are in the very early stages of expansion.

J said...

I've been to the one in Dupont Circle many times, and also now the new one in Bethesda. It's tasty and quick and pretty healthy too. Columbia is getting so trendy now with Whole Foods too, I love it!

Bren said...

Excited! They have this is Bethesda and I love it! My only warning is that you take when they say hot seriously. I made the mistake of thinking that it was another American Asian place exaggerating on how hot their hot is. It is Asian hot. I made my first meal there so hot I could not finish it in fear I was going to burn a hole in my stomach.

Everything is wheat/dairy/gluten free if you know someone that matters to.

Side note: Hatch Chiles at Wegmans today through Sunday according to Yelp.

Anonymous said...

They had a soft opening today (Sunday) for lunch, with the grand opening being tomorrow. The food was tasty and spicy like the other commenter said. The staff was also very friendly and did a great job explaining the menu. I will definitely go here again

Matt Boyle said...

I went to Shop house for lunch today it was great. Looked a lot like Chipotle with a new veneer inside. The person in front of me in line spotted Steve Ells the founder of Chipotle sitting at a table eating. He was taking notes with almost every bite