Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Caffe Benne Appears To Be Going Next To Soft Stuff On Rte 40 In Ellicott City

Another coffee chain by way of Korea and Europe appears to be opening on Rte 40 -- this time Caffe Benne in the new construction with Soft Stuff.

Caffe Benne's plan to open in Ellicott City was spotted last year by Michael Gioioso of BMore, and the new location was spotted by Andrea, who posted on the HowChow Facebook page.  This is next door to Soft Stuff, the ice cream parlor that just re-opened in new construction on Rte 40 across from the Enchanted Village shopping center.

From the Web, it looks like Caffe Benne fits a mold of Korean chains inspired by European coffee and baking.  It looks like Shilla or Bon Apettit or the coffee shop part of Bean & Burgundy.  They're all great places to check out -- coffees, other drinks, lots of sweet baked goods, and a touch of savory ones.

Does anyone know the Caffe Benne chain?  Any ideas about whether or what makes it stand out?

(Update:  Fixed the typo in the headline. Thanks Dan.)


Adam said...

A Squisito (an Ann Arundal pizza and pasta chain) is also opening in that plaza. I have never had their pizza but they are owned by the same group which owns Carpaccio in Annapolis, which I believe has the best pizza in the city.

Also in the plaza is a Yama Asian fusion restaurant.

Dan said...

It's actually spelled Caffe Bene.
I've been to several in Korea as well as NY and LA. It's a popular chain in Korea and among Koreans.
But I never thought it was especially good despite their claims of farm to table beans.
As you mentioned, they do offer a good selection of pastries and also uncommon drinks like misugaru lattes.

Adam said...

I noticed they oepned within the past few days. Would love to know what the early returns are. Also, the Squisitio is actually a Papa Murphey's Take and Bake.