Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Great Food, No Cooking: Spicy Jelly And Hot Pizzas At The Howard County Farmers Markets

Suzanne's Pepper Jelly
Produce is a main draw for most farmers' markets, but there are quick picks among the stands for you to grab along the way.  You can eat well without even cooking.

Our friends who we'll call "the Cordis Couple" put out beautiful food, and they found a treat at the Saturday morning farmers market in Maple Lawn -- a pepper jelly by Suzanne's Kitchen.  They made a gloriously simple appetizer by serving ricotta cheese with the spicy jelly on top.  It spread deliciously on crackers with a hot pepper flavor among the creamy cheese.

Suzanne's appears to be a company with offices in Maple Lawn.  So that's pretty local.  

At the Miller Library farmers market, Min found pizza to eat right away  That''s the River House Pizza Company, the folks who also cook up pizzas from portable ovens at the Saturday market off Main Street in Ellicott City. 

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