Monday, June 23, 2014

I Don't Often Blog About Politics, But When I Do, I Prefer Tom Coale For Delegate In Ellicott City

Tom Coale, running in the Democratic primary for District 9B
You probably shouldn't base your votes on a food blog.

Drive blindly if I recommend pit beef in Woodlawn or barbecue in Laurel.  But do your own research on politicians, and I'd recommend that you start with Tom Coale, who is running tomorrow in the Democratic primary for a delegate in District 9B.

You should go to the polls for the June 24 primary and vote for Tom if you live in his district.

Tom is a really good guy.  We met through blogging -- him at HoCo Rising.  He is enthusiastic.  He is smart.  He has been involved in Columbia and Howard County civic life for years.  You can check out his positions at his campaign Web site.  But I'd recommend Tom to anyone who likes HowChow because I have watched him take the optimistic, thoughtful tone that I try to keep here on the blog.

Honestly, we need more thoughtful, and we need more optimistic.  I'm old enough that friends tell me first hand stories about politicians, and they're often cringe-inducing tales about ego and self-interest.  I think Tom will write different stories if he can get to Annapolis, and I hope you'll check him out to see if you support him.

District 9B runs between U.S. 70 and Rte 108 on both sides of Rte 29.  You can see the map above.  To see detail, check out this Google map.


Rob said...

Sad to see you go here on a otherwise excellent FOOD blog. It is your blog for sure, it is just off-putting.

Laura said...

@Rob...Howchow uses this blog to introduce us to things he likes. It's usually restaurants and food, but no always. Howchow likes Tom Coale and he let us know. It's as simple as that, no harm, no foul. I, for one, appreciate that and welcome and respect his opinion.

HowChow said...

@Rob -- Can you imagine how rough we would have it if we left elections to the people who read and write politics blogs? Their comments are terrifying! The county would do good to have some calm, well-fed people do some educated voting. ;-)

Jessie Newburn said...

Squatting with my comment here -- There's a site focusing on hoco candidates and their social media feeds - good for seeing into the candidates and beyond just marketing and campaign material -

Lenore said...

Thanks, howchow, for the post and the tone.

Rob said...

You mentioned this, "Can you imagine how rough we would have it if we left elections to the people who read and write politics blogs?"

OK - got me, from that point of view you re 100% correct - THAT would be terrifying! Thanks everyone for giving me the bigger picture :)