Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Cool Detail: Perfect Pour Has Its Own Barrel Of Buffalo Trace, Bottled And Selling Now

Buffalo Trace at Perfect Pour
I hadn't noticed a shortage of Buffalo Trace bourbon, but I stumbled on a cool detail Monday at Perfect Pour in Elkridge.

Apparently, there have been times when Buffalo Trace isn't available.  The giant liquor store apparently  avoided disaster because it had agreed months ago to buy an entire barrel.  That barrel -- bottled up -- has arrived, and it's for sale both in front and in the bourbon aisles.

I'm new to bourbons, but Buffalo Trace has been a favorite -- especially because it costs less than $30 and less than many of the small distillery liquors on the same shelves.

The Perfect Pour bottles even have a special sticker on the side commemorating the barrel.  It's a cool detail, and I'll post next week about the bourbon cocktail that we stumbled on in New York City.

If you're a bourbon fan, this might be a reason to run over.

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Randy said...

Similarly, I saw a write-up in a recent email from Petite Cellars in Turf Valley featuring Blanton's (owned by Buffalo Trace):

"Petite Cellars hand selected Blanton's Single Barrel Bourbon - this bourbon was dumped from barrel 663 on 5/12/14 and was then individually filtered and bottled by hand."

Having been to the distillery in Frankfort, Kentucky, these are both great bourbons!