Monday, June 16, 2014

Mark Your Calendar Now For A Day At Larriland; Cherries Were Magic, But You Can Get More

Yellow and red cherries from Larriland Farm
You need to mark your calendar now for a day at Larriland Farm, and you can only hope for something as glorious as last weekend.

Larriland will have a flow of great "pick-your-own" fruits and vegetables through October.  But this weekend they had cherries.

Larriland knows how to handle crowds
That's almost a miracle.  Among the trees, we talked to one of Larriland's owners who described years and years where the cherry trees don't fruit because the weather doesn't cooperate.  This year filled the grove with cherries, but this last week's rain threaten to cause them all to burst.  So the Larriland crew had been applying calcium four times a day to keep everything firm.

That's how we ended up standing inside magical trees on Saturday morning.  Mrs. HowChow had gotten a Larriland email saying the cherry trees would be open on Saturday.  We arrived before the fields open, and there were already dozens of people parked and picking.

The fruit is really fun.  Sweet cherries in deep red and dark yellow.  Trees with hundreds of ripe cherries hanging in arms length.  We picked like maniacs.  We stopped only because our boxes seemed ridiculous, and we ended up with almost 20 pounds.  I should have spent all Sunday putting them away.  I'll need to plan one project -- freeze, jam, bourbon cherries -- for each night this week.

Larriland is one of my favorite places in all of Howard County.  The family-run farm in Woodbine is an easy 30 minutes from most of the county.  They just do everything well.  Signs take you to the fields.  People direct traffic, give you bags, help you know what to pick, and check you out right next to the fields.  They were packed Saturday for cherries and strawberries, and everything was friendly and smooth.

Challah rolls from The Breadery
The cherries will disappear, but you should pencil in a day or two now to make a trip to Larriland.  Blueberries and peaches, then apples, tomatoes and pumpkins.  I post similar advice almost every year after we have a magical day.  Can tomatoes.  Go for the weekend festival atmosphere before Halloween.  It's great for a date, for taking kids, or for meeting friends out in the country.

If you do, don't miss stopping at the big barn in the main part of Larriland.  They sell all kinds of vegetables and fruits, along with some sodas, candies, and the dried fruit candy that you need to try at the register.  They also sell breads from The Breadery in Oella -- including challah rolls that looked like cousins to hot dog buns that I have deemed "the best hot dog buns you'll find anywhere."  I bought two bags in preparation for our next ground meat purchase from Laurel Meat Market.

For years, I have championed the barbecue and smoked fish from the Town Grille in Lisbon.  That's a half-block out of your way from Larriland, and you'll have a terrific lunch there.  Now, I'll add some alternatives with posts later this week.  Jeff from Southern Skies Coffee Roasters turned me on to Sykesville, and I heartily recommend a short detour for lunch and shopping.

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Jen said...

I can confirm that, after many years of searching, The Breadery challah rolls are the best burger bun you will find in this area. Had burgers tonight with them, and combined with the beef that my husband grinds fresh, they were better than any burger I have had in any restaurant.