Friday, June 27, 2014

Bean & Burgundy Bread Does The Korean-American Split And Pleases Even Little Diners

Bi bim bop at Bean & Burgundy Bread
The RDADoc went on a limb this weekend after visiting the Miller Library to celebrate National Pink Day.  She rode with her five- and three-year-olds down Rte 40 and gave a try to Bean & Burgundy Bread.

This large, modern-looking space opened late last fall in Ellicott City with a hybrid menu of American food, Korean food, coffees and desserts.  It's good-looking, and I had heard that they spent much of the winter making changes to the menu.

But Mrs. HowChow and I still haven't gotten there, which made us curious about RDADoc's lunch.  She reported:
As we all know preschoolers don't always make the best restaurant guests. However, after going there today I feel comfortable recommending Bean & Burgundy Bread to people with young children. 
Grilled cheese
The atmosphere is casual and kid friend and I did notice several young children there. However, my one caveat is that the only item on the kids menu is grilled cheese.  So this isn't the place for you if your children are looking for a traditional American kids menu including pizza, chicken nuggets or hot dogs.

The lunch menu included both sandwiches and Korean dishes. I ordered Bibimbap which is a signature Korean dish served with warm rice, vegetables, gochujang (chili pepper paste), and soy sauce.  I ordered mine with brown rice and tofu although they did offer chicken or meat as options.  I am no where near as well versed in Korean dishes as the HowChows, but I very much enjoyed it.  I just ordered plain tea, but they did have an extensive tea, coffee and smoothie menu.  My children were very pleased with their hot chocolate (which was served with a beautiful heart design), grilled cheese and broccoli.  All in all it was an enjoyable experience.
Bean & Burgundy Bread does a full day menu -- from breakfast to dinner.  Does anyone else have reports?  Elizabeth talked up her meal on the Bare Midriff blog in March.  I'd love to know what other folks think or recommend.  So far, I'm drawn to the baked sweets at Shilla Bakery just east on Rte 40.  The Bean & Burgundy sweets hadn't pulled me away, but there are tons of menu items to try.


sl100 said...

I am not sure this place is going to make it. We went in for dinner Tuesday night and it was empty. Ordered a chicken Panini, not bad but very skimpy portion. Also ordered the soup (small cup for $5) but it was way salty. Menu is a strange mix of Korean/American.

vinita said...

I've been to bean and burgundy two times. First time I tried their honeydew bubble tea and choco cake. I was surprised to see that their pastries looked fresh even though it was late at night. Second time, I went with my girlfriends to grab a coffee. Ended up ordering a bunch of their small plates and soju cocktail samplers which were VERY VERY good. It's a perfect place for a girl's night out and hang out in a great atmosphere. I will be going back to try their dinner.

Anonymous said...

Went for a quick breakfast. Hope their lunch dinner are worth trying. Bad coffee.

Chris said...

Check out their Facebook page post. They are starting a sushi buffet. I think it will be the only sushi buffet on rt.40?