Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sushi Sono Does It Again - #14 Roll With Salmon

Sushi Sono can't leave well enough alone, and they keep adding off-menu rolls that confirm its place at the absolute top level of sushi places in DC and Baltimore.

The newest invention is the #14 Roll.  We had already ordered dinner when we saw a waitress carry a strange roll past our seats at the bar.  The blog was my excuse -- Order Up!

The #14 comes thinner than many of Sono's special rolls, but it's just as unique.  It's a roll of tuna and rice topped with seared salmon and a sauce with a bite.  I think there was a dash of pepper across the top, although my notes are three weeks old and say "Pepeth."  Like Sono's other unique rolls, the #14 makes us skip the soy sauce.  You don't want to muddle the bite that the chefs have balanced so right.

If you like sushi, then Sushi Sono is an absolute must.  Rolls like the #12 roll and the sushi nugget show off both the fish and the skill of chefs who put flavors together.  Because they're all so different, you can mix and match your own table.  The place is one of my favorites and on Richard Gorelick's list as well.


Anonymous said...

I want this. I want this NOW!

mdfoodlover said...

I've yet to visit Sushi Sono, but have become a fairly regular visitor to Sushi King off Dobbin road, thanks to recommendations here.

That # 14 looks like a pretty darn good reason to check out S.Sono.

BTW, I just got home from S.King, and had my favorite "pretty in red", which I think is about the best roll I've ever had, not that I'm much of an expert.
Boy is that thing delicious!!!

Penny said...

I took my sweetheart here for his birthday a few days ago; we ordered the #14. MOST DELICIOUS ROLL EVER! Definitely spicy. Oh so good.

Thank you as always for keeping us in the know.