Saturday, July 2, 2011

Off-Menu Chinese At Grace Garden

If you want to explore the offering at Grace Garden, consider calling ahead and asking if they can make Sichuan Steamed Fish with Rice Powder in a Lotus Leaf.

Min snapped the picture above at the Odenton restaurant that is one of the best Chinese around.  She says the dish is time-consuming and usually not available on weekends. Min got the dish because she ate with folks who are old friend's of Chef Li:
The steamed fish version gives a great more delicate taste than its pork counterpart with a lot less grease. (At GG, Chef Li uses thinly sliced pork while in Taiwan chefs prefer using pork baby riblets.)  With the fish, we could taste the subtle aroma of the dried lotus leaf, the five spice powder and the kicks that the Sichuan peppercorns bring. 
She says that she'll call in advance next time and see if she can get the steamed fish and to ask Chef Li to make fish stock for pocket tofu.

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Marcia said...

There was a post on Chowhound that the owners of Grace Garden would be on vacation from July 3-10, so the restaurant will be closed for that time.