Thursday, July 14, 2011

DC Kertuffle = Columbia Cupcakes

Has anyone heard about a cupcake place opening in Columbia called Cooks 'n Cakes?

The WPost is whipping up some stories about DC school principals who are quitting their jobs in frustration.  Their new venture:  Opening a cupcake places in Howard County.

All I have is the WPost stories and a reference on the Tony Kornheiser Show.  (I'm podcasting, so I'm a week late here.  Hello Harley and Aaron!)  One of my favorite hosts Jeanne McManus said cupcakes are over and then offered a totally unnecessary jab at our locals:
Jeanne: "And it's cupcakes in Columbia or Germantown?"
Kevin: "Columbia"
Jeanne: "Come on.  No."
Et tu, Jeanne, et tu?

This appears to be a starting Web site for Cooks 'n Cakes.


Anonymous said...

where located?

HowChow said...

@Anon - Yes, that is the question. The radio mentions Columbia, but I don't know where.