Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cold Drinks: Mango Lassi at Mirchi Wok

A mango lassi is a guilt-free milkshake, and it's a way to cool off while filling up.

This is a fruit and yogurt, whipped into a shake and then cooled down with ice.  The lassi is an Indian restaurant standard, and I can vouch for them at House of India, Akbar, Mango Grove and Mirchi Wok.

At the dinner table, the mango or the rose-flavored "sweet" lassi is a must-have for Mrs. HowChow.  But I carried one out last month from Mirchi Wok as a lunchtime treat.  I think all the local Indian joints will let you carry them out.

A lassi is thick.  It's not the icy refreshment of water, but it's cool and substantial considering that you're sucking down yogurt.  It's half of a meal, so it's worth the $4.

(Update: Mirchi Wok and Mango Grove relocated under the Mango Grove name to a spot off Dobbin Road.  Click here for all the Mango Grove posts.)

This is Cold Drink Week.  You want something cool, but you want something better than another soda.  The Cold Drink Week posts offer house-made refreshment -- places that make their own drinks and let your carry them out.


RDAdoc said...

Yummy!!! Mangos are my favorite. They are delicious & incredibly healthy. Do you know if sugar is added to a lassi?

hoco connect said...

Bubble Tea! Couldn't believe how delicious the Mango Bubble Tea was at bon appetit bakery in Ellicott City

Anonymous said...

how about carrot juice at davids,,with beets, spinach yatta.yatta

JD said...

Here's a recipe for Mango Lassi ice pops! I haven't tried them yet but I thought you might enjoy them.