Friday, July 8, 2011

Cold Drinks: Blended Iced Mocha At Sidamo

Sometimes you need a "cool me down" and a "pick me up," and Sidamo Coffee and Tea in Fulton has the blended mocha to do both.

Ice, espresso, presumably a dash of chocolate, and they whip the concoction right for there while you wait. Sidamo is a local joint.  I have to admit that the textures have varied a bit more than at a corporate coffee shop.  But their coffee makes the drinks delicious no matter how thick they end up.

Last weekend, my drink was thinner than a Starbucks frap.  The ice was blended to a fine slush, and there was a froth on top.  The key though is Sidamo's coffee -- strong flavor with no bitterness or burnt flavor.  The blended mocha -- along with all of their iced drinks, including the blended chai tea -- is a rich, refreshing drink.

Who else has good coffee drinks?  This is Cold Drink Week. You want something cool, but you want something better than another soda. The Cold Drink Week posts offer house-made refreshment -- places that make their own drinks and let your carry them out.

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Steve Fine said...

Yesterday, we tried Pita N Rye, which is right next door to Sidamo. We were favorably impressed. The Corned Beef on Rye was excellent! Finally, a real Jewish deli in HoCo!!!