Friday, July 29, 2011

Stay Cool Out There: Ways To Cope With Heat (Other Than Thinking "This Is Better Than Ice")

The heat is returning, so HowChow returns to some of the best ways to cool off around here.

First, get something cold to drink.  Don't fall for the first soda that you see.  Check out the five takeout drinks that you can buy at Howard County restaurants -- from a yogurt smoothie to a fruit and and ice shake.

Second, think bubble tea.  These are really just mixes jazzed up with the tapioca pearls, but they're fun at Ichiban in Columbia, Bon Appetit in Ellicott City, and other places.  Look for Asian bakeries or takeouts.

Third, scoop ice cream.  A post this month collected a bunch of places to get ice cream in Howard County. Go exotic with that bing soo.

Last, go the opposite direction.  Lots of people think that hot and spicy dishes make you sweat, and that will cool you off better than cold food.  If that's your game, try the tofu stews at Lighthouse Tofu in Elllicott City.

Any other suggestions about how to cope with the heat?  Great cold food around here?  And anyone know what's up with Pete's Snowball Stand?  Did it open this year?  A prior comment asked what is happening because there are plans to extend Oakland Mills Road?


betsy said...

Better than ice cream: stop by your local indian grocery (Like Indus in Laurel or Rockville) and get a frozen Kulfi pop. The Indus in Laurel (4th street, behind the Laurel Lakes shopping center where the Giant and Books a Million are) has a freezer case near the cash wrap. I recommend the pale green cone-shaped pops.

piggy said...

hi howchow. we're considering houses in the howard county area and one of my big worries is not having access to good food! glad i stumbled on this blog. :)