Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Asian Palace Has Replaced China Chefs

Okay, okay!!  Asian Palace has replaced China Chef in Columbia, and I'm getting a steady stream of emails talking it up.

Phu commented on a prior post with a thumbs up on the food and service.  China Chef was a local institution, as noted by HoCo Politico last year.  This new place on Hickory Ridge Road near Mad City Coffee does a broad menu with Chinese, Thai, and Chinese, one that Chuck emailed today to recommend:
No alcohol until the weekend, but place was very nice inside - a complete makeover, with subdued lighting, many booths and contemporary furnishings. Food was very good to my taste - servings were small and not really sharable but tasty and not over sweetened. Large sushi menu actually dwarfed the main menu, but all the standards were there - Kung Pao chicken was very good. Large Sushi bar and main bar and nicer reception area.


RHfoodie said...

I was at the soft opening last week & wow, what a make over for the space. The decor is great looking & the food offered was quite good. They served buffet style that night but can't wait to try stuff off menu.

stephanie said...

anyone have a menu yet that can be posted?

MDsparkle said...

We live in the neighborhood and received a menu by postal mail. Don't know how to upload them here, so I'll try sending the scans to Mr. HowChow.

chrissypt said...

Went there since it offered a lot of variety and we wanted to check out the new place. We were pleasantly surprised! Decor was very modern and upscale. My girls really liked the changing lights & wall of color bubbles.

Ordered Korean BBQ ribs and fried calamari for appetizers. California roll, honey sandwich for sushi and crispy chilean sea bass and drunken noodles. You can say we got all the flavors...japanese, chinese, thai and korean. The ribs were good, but could have been less fatty. Out of the 9 pieces, 3 were fatty and not much to eat although the flavor was pretty good and meat was tender. The kids downed the calamari so I assume it was good. :D Sushi was very fresh and full of good quality ingredients. The sea bass was meaty and tender with a good mix of flavors. The drunken noodles were tasty with good amount of beef and vegetables. Everything was prepared perfectly!

We met the owner Michael who came around to the tables to make sure everything was good. He was very pleasant and explained that he wanted a more modern restaurant..."no pandas, no bamboos, no goldfish." We thought this was hilarious and yet so true! He took the time to get our names and stated that he wanted to try to remember his customers names. This is something that you don't see very much anymore...I hope he continues this practice.

We're definitely going back! Try out the restaurant! You won't be disappointed!

Morty Abzug said...

We did carry-out about 10 days ago. I got pad thai, which was reasonably good. They are not yet willing to do off-menu orders, such as for pad prik khing. But the lady who answered the phone said that they eventually would do off-menu orders. One of the staff inside said that they were planning on getting a piano.