Saturday, January 1, 2011

China Chefs May Be Replaced By "Asian Palace" Serving Chinese, Japanese And Thai

Jessie X sent me a photo of a sign from the China Chefs space that says "Asian Palace Coming Soon - Japanese, Chinese, and Thai Cuisine."

Previously, a comment from Steve mentioned a sign saying that the Columbia restaurant was remodeling and would re-open in February 2011.  But it may open under a new name.  Anyone know the story?


Anonymous said...

I doubt that "China Chefs" will return. When it closed in October, an eviction notice was posted stating that the landlord was owed $73,000. I would go with the rumor that a new tenant will be occupying the space.

Phu said...

Asia Palace absolutely under new owners and management with great food and grand open on Friday, 07/15/2011.
Japense, Thai and Chinese Cuisine; food and service excellent.