Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Great Harvest Bread: RDAdoc Makes Her Pitch

RDAdoc has been a fan of Great Harvest Bread Co. for more than 10 years -- starting in New Jersey and now down to the Rockville and Columbia locations.  Professionally, she studies nutrition.  So she always needs food to be good on the tongue and the rest of the body.  It's her regular place -- from the bread to the soup to the sandwiches.  Here is her pitch:
I am now on a mission to get HowChow to understand why I love Great Harvest so much. Now don’t get me wrong.  It’s not that HowChow doesn’t like Great Harvest.  It’s just that I have sensed that he doesn’t share my intense enthusiasm for their breads. 
My mission started back in the fall when the HowChows and several other friends were over for dinner. I served two loafs of Great Harvard challah -- one plain and one raisin -- that got compliments.  Of course, this prompted me to tell everyone about Great Harvest breads. In addition to the challah, which I pick up almost every Friday, some of my other favorite loaves are Apple Crunch, Honey Whole Wheat and Cinnamon Swirl. 

Not only are their breads tasty, but they are healthy too! Many of their loaves are made of 100% whole grains. A lot of breads sold in grocery stores are whole grain “imposters” and actually contain very little whole grains.  But the breads from Great Harvest are the real deal! You may wonder, “What’s the big deal about whole grains?”  As a nutrition scientist, I know these are super grains that bring a variety of health benefits and are associated with a reduce risk of strokes, heart disease and type 2 diabetes. You may think something this good for you can’t taste good, but I assure you that the whole grain breads at Great Harvest are just as delicious as they are healthy.  I’ve tried a lot of different 100% whole grain breads, and I can’t say the same about them!   
Great Harvest doesn’t just sell bread; it also offers tasty sandwiches, soups, scones, cookies, jams and soup mixes.  My favorite soups are pumpkin apple and roasted pepper swiss.  Their menu differs throughout the week so you can check out their website to see a list of what they offer. Great Harvest has gift bags and baskets, which I often bring to friends as a hostess/host gift. 
My last plug for the store is that they have super friendly employees and good customer service. The employees always have smiles on their faces and offer customers a sample of a slice of bread of their choice. They have a Great Harvest Bread card.  Purchase 12 loaves and get one free. In addition, on Friday mornings there have free coffee. Hopefully, I have successfully explained to HowChow and the readers of his blog why I am so enthusiastic about Great Harvest!
This is part of a week of guest posts highlighting finds that other people have found around Howard County.

Great Harvest Bread Co. 
8835 Centre Park Drive 
Columbia, MD 21045 
(443) 542-5912

NEAR: Great Harvest is on Centre Park Drive, which runs between Rte 108 and Rte 100.  This is right near Jesse Wong's Asean Bistro.

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Marcia said...

Have to weigh in here. I'm trying to eat healthy foods but I have a weight problem so try to watch calorie intake also. I have found Great Harvest leans more toward sweet type breads (cinnamon, apple crunch, etc) so I head over to the Breadery on Rt. 40. They have whole grain, healthy bread also but tend more toward what I consider more of a sandwich bread - Great Grains, Honey Whole Wheat, etc) Both the Breadery and Great Harvest are better options than the grocery store, though, just depends on what type of bread you want.

Cate in Columbia said...

I love Great Harvest too! I became a fan in Minnesota while visiting my sister who worked at one. I can tell you that Great Harvest is all about the quality of their breads and about serving their community. I was very happy to discover Great Harvest a few months ago in Columbia after leaving my gym- wait, the gym and bread in the same sentence? LOL!

Anonymous said...

I'm a fan of Great Harvest's bread's, especially their pepperoni rolls. As far as challah goes, their's is pretty good, but even better are the Challah's that they've been selling on Friday's at Bon Fresco. They're delicious!

Anonymous said...

I like Great Harvest, too, and am always surprised to see negative comments posted here about their breads. I love to pick up an interesting loaf as a hostess gift.

Marcia said...

My comment was not negative, Great Harvest has very tasty bread. I am saying they are not the best option for me. There is, however, another good local bakery in Howard County that also has whole grain bread more along the type I need when buying bread for every day.

Anonymous said...

Great Harvest also sells sandwich type breads. Their white bread reminds me of the bread my grandmother used to make. I've tried the Breadery sandwich loaves and they all taste like honey to me. Every package I looked at had honey in the ingredient list as well.