Sunday, January 30, 2011

Kloby's In The Snow: Sherringham Eats Meat

Bring trapped in the snow drives people to do crazy things -- after a few days they can find themselves with their hands wrapped around roasted meat as they gnaw on bones.

Or they can ordered the pulled pork, which is one of key items at Kloby's Smokehouse -- as Sherringham discovered this week:
After two days cooped up inside (we're both HoCo teachers), Ron and I realized that we needed a dinner out to give us our sanity back. Ever since last year's snow-craziness, I really hate that feeling of being snowed in.
We waited for our association contractor to clear our court and we were off to Kloby's Smokehouse. We both love BBQ, but we hadn't yet made it to Kloby's despite it being seven minutes down the road. Tonight was the night. We called to make sure they were open (Urban BBQ in Olney was not...) I expected the place to be empty, but when we pulled into the parking lot, i was shocked at how full it was. The place was packed!
We were seated at one of only two open tables. We got sweet tea and ordered our meals. Ron had a two meat platter with brisket, pulled pork, baked beans, and collards. He loved it and finished all but one bite of brisket, which I sampled for myself. So tender! The baked beans were sweeter that I expected, but I really enjoyed their flavor.
I got a one-meat platter with pulled pork, mac and cheese, and collards. The pulled pork was very tender, with almost no gristle, and the spicy sauce that topped it had the perfect amount of heat. The mac and cheese was okay--I like Famous Dave's and Urban BBQ's better,  and the collards were very salty and somewhat bitter. I don't normally order collard greens because they can be inconsistent from place to place. When we go back (and we certainly will) I'll be sure to get the baked beans that Ron had and try the slaw as well. The corn bread that came with the platter was very moist and creamy; I was a big fan!  I should have gotten a glass of Strongbow Cider (hard to find on tap), because the sweet tea was too sweet (if that's possible). 
We'll definitely be back, as this was a very good reason for an excursion in the snow.
This is part of a week of guest posts highlighting finds that other people have found around Howard County.

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