Monday, January 24, 2011

BGR Burger Report: Jason Tells What To Expect

The Wellington w/onion rings
The BGR Burger Joint is coming to Columbia this spring, and I have been burned in the past by burger joints that filled me with anticipation but sub-par meals.

Jason says BGR won't disappoint.  In some email, I told him that I wanted to know what to expect.  He said the Bethesda and Dupont Circle joints are pretty similar -- tables mosaiced with video games or cartoons and framed posters of classic rock bands like The Police, Jimi Jendrix, Billy Idol or Queen.  But what about the burger?
Once you reach the front of the line, they have a chalk board with several burgers to chose from or you could "make your own."  The description of the burgers are listed in the menus scattered throughout the establishment. Every week they have a featured burger, one that is not on the menu. 
The burgers themselves are prepared to your order.  They're the juiciest burgers I have ever tried. Thick patties, delicious buttery brioche buns and fresh toppings. I personally have only ever tried two burgers. One time I "made my own" and every other time I have ordered The Wellington. This burger is made with onions, mushrooms, garlic, blue cheese and mojo sauce. It is quite rich but so delicious. I have quite an appetite and always order an extra patty for $2.  There are never survivors. Order it medium done, and the juices will burst out in every bite. Definitely the best burger I have ever had. 
The sides. The Yukon gold fries are my favorite.  They're thicker and similar to Wendy's fries.   The sweet potato fries are also quite tasty, but the one time I got them, they were small. The onion rings are colossal (as you can see in my picture). Very good as onion rings go, but they may fill up a small stomach. They also offer asparagus which I have yet to try but am intrigued by.  Finally, milkshakes.  They are rather expensive, a little too expensive for me to enjoy every visit but still very high quality. The vanilla is heavenly and the strawberry has small chunks of strawberry in it. They are excellent.
Okay.  Between Jason and Icolithic's comment on a prior post, I'm getting expectations that I need to tamp down.  Don't want to get too excited!

This is part of a week of guest posts highlighting finds that other people have found around Howard County.


TJ said...

BGR is a fine burger place. Very good burgers. Lot the best I have ever had, but for a dining out burger, pretty good. My main issue with them is that there is a consistency issue with preparing the burgers. When you order it medium rare, sometimes they nail it and other times it comes out medium well or worse. Other than that, those guys are doing a fine job.

Mo said...

Soooo want a burger right now. Although, based on this post, there is a very good chance my first meal at BGR will be those ginormous onion rings and a milkshake (shh. Don't tell my arteries.).

Anonymous said...

Is this good for take out? Thats a big bonus for us with a little one around the house..

Stephan said...

But can you get it medium rare?

Hoco Connect said...

Tried the BGR Burgers and fell in love! The Cuban Burger is fantastic. Lots of meat and burger cooked just right. Fries weren't bad either. I think I have found my new favorite burger place. More of a grown up burger place--don't know if kids would appreciate it.