Sunday, July 24, 2011

Larriland Update: Blackberries Have Arrived, A Few Plums, And The Peaches Are Peachy

These berries are waiting for you.
Look at those blackberries -- unripe today, but ready for you to grab them later this week.

Larriland Farms has entered the high season.  Blackberries, plums and peaches are available now.  We beat the brutal heat out to Woodbine today, and we filled containers of peaches and blackberries in minutes.  The blackberry vines are packed, and they'll be kicking off fruit for weeks.  We took only the engorged, super-ripe berries, and we left the sum of ONE MILLION blackberries behind.

Tomorrow: Watch for a post about what to bring for a Larriland picnic.


Anonymous said...

I love Larriland Farm! I need to go and get some of their yummy peaches, for sure. Be sure to get some apples and of course their fantastic apple cider in the fall -- it's the best cider around, IMO.

Anonymous said...

Do you by chance remember the price on the blackberries? Want to see if it is reasonable to pick enough for jam! Thanks!

HowChow said...

I feel like it was about $2.50 a pound, but I don't remember exactly. Call them. They'll tell you the price.

Steve Fine said...

Larriland Farm. Another great thing about living in Howard County!

Eileen said...

The peaches were great a week ago! We only bought around 30, so we had th pay the higher price but they have lasted and been delicious. That which we haven't eaten straight, I turned into peach cobbler that was a hit at a birthday party. I'm planning to take my in-laws there in a couple of weeks when they are in town :)