Friday, May 14, 2010

The No. 12 Roll At Sushi Sono

Sushi Sono has been getting some enormous press these days, but it still has secrets that you should check out.

Start with the No. 12 roll.  It's not on the list of rolls that you get with your menu.  It's a special that Sushi Sono created for its twelth anniversary a little while ago.  Tempura shrimp rolled with rice and topped with tuna and a spicy sauce.  You have to be in the know to get in with No. 12.

Sushi Sono is really one of the best restaurants around, and it's even prettier at this time of year when you can see out to the lake at dinnertime.  We have gone twice recently.  Each time, the wait outside was actually pretty nice.  We sit on the bench, watch the water, and try to figure out whether Sushi Sono takes reservations or not.  There is a list.  You can call ahead.  But we can't actually figure out what is going on.

The No. 12 is a reason to wait.  Crunchy shrimp, still warm when it hits the table.  Spicy tuna.  Some fish eggs on top. It's a bright flavor with a mix of textures.  It's substantial while still being a little lighter than similar rolls like Sushi King's Samauri Roll.  Sushi Sono is a great place to splurge.  Pair up the No. 12 with a "bridal veil" and a "hurricane eye" roll.  Last time, our friend asked for a roll made with white tuna and parsley, and that was terrific.  Consider the hand rolls or the specials like a whole snapper or the horse mackeral that people talk up so much.

And keep asking -- Are there any other secret rolls?  I feel like there is more to discover.

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Work in progress said...

It't not a secret, but the Royal Crab roll has replaced the Dragon Roll and Bridal Veil as my "go to" roll at Sushi Sono. The mayo and bonito flake topping is fantastic.

Anonymous said...

the Bridal Veil is still my favorite roll ever and often not listed

Chris said...

I wanna learn more about Sushi Sono's secret rolls.