Friday, May 28, 2010

Turkish Cotton Candy At Pars Market

Cotton candy became famous around here when my wife -- single child, accustomed to a measured pace and a shared experience -- lost out on a gourmet dessert to me and my ravenous family.  One minute the waiter put down the silver bowl of cherry cotton candy.  The next, it was gone.

Since then, I have bought her cotton candy whenever it appears.  The most-recent was pismantye -- which Pars Market in Columbia calls "Turkish cotton candy" even though it isn't officially.

Pismantye is flour and butter mixed into pulled sugar.  Pars sells boxes with about a dozen pieces for less than $2.  It's fluffy threads of candy that melt in your mouth.  Threads, more than cotton balls.  And it tastes nutty and slightly sweet rather than the sugary, fruity flavor of the candy that you'd get at a carnival.  It's definitely worth checking out -- especially if you pick up the rose water and pistachio nougat that Pars stocks on the same shelf.

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Anonymous said...

I was at Tutti Frutti and decided to look for the Pismaniye. I found it as you reported (99 cents a box!) and I wanted to correct one thing in your description. While I'm sure it can be made with butter, the brand you show is made with margarine instead. This is an important distinction for us lactose-intolerant types. It was however delicious as you said, like baklava cotton candy - David P