Thursday, May 6, 2010

Link: Sidamo In The Washington Post

Sidamo in Fulton got a rave from the Washington Post's Food section yesterday -- talking up the sandwiches that Sidamo serves up at lunchtime, as I heard from the top out-of-town watcher of Howard County food news (my mother who called at 8 am).

The WPost story talks up the chicken salad sandwich and two vegetarian options -- the vegan based on hummus, garlic and lemon and the veggie with pesto, Swiss cheese and lentils.  On top of the food, I'm a fan of the blended chai lattes and a regular buyer of the Yhrgacheffe and Sidamo whole beans.

Sidamo is in Maple Lawn just off Rte 216.  Check out last year's guest post by RDAdoc.  Thanks also to Amber F for her email.


Harold of Scaggsville said...

Really need to try it out. I was waiting for some good neighbor endorsement and hadn't heard anything since the "new" place opened. Think I'll stop by on Monday.

Gregory said...

Good sandwiches, but painfully slow service. If you're getting a sandwich to go, make sure you check it for order accuracy before leaving.