Monday, May 24, 2010

Link: LeeLyn's on HoCo Rising

HoCo Rising posted about how he and his wife enjoyed the small plates at LeeLyn's in Ellicott City -- particularly the potato chips and the satay.  It's hasn't captivated me, but they'll go back to check out more stuff.  It's definitely a popular place.


Anonymous said...

I've been patronizing LeeLynn's since it took over from the Shack, and really like their warm chips and small plates. They also make an excellent cream of crab soup.

Larry said...

We ate at LeeLynns about 4 weeks ago,the food was just a bit over average. The chips were way to seasoned and my eggplant was very soggy. The panini was very good. However, the service was horrible in the lounge. My sister told me, after we ate there, that they have had problems with huge rats. Her classmate works there and is afraid to go into the basement.