Monday, July 18, 2011

Corner Stable Coming To Kings Contrivance?

A Cockeysville restaurant has applied for a liquor license that suggests it will open a location in King's Contrivance, says Wordbones on the Tales of Two Cities blog.

Wordbones had posted in June (and I had missed) that the Corner Stable was looking in Columbia and specifically the former site of Michael's Pub.  He quotes a Karen Nitkin review of the Cockeysville place.

(Update: I fixed the spelling.  Thanks.)

(Second update:  Dslevay just emailed me with a rave about Corner Stable -- especially one favorite meal:
They apparently were going for their liquor license thing today and the preliminary move in date is this October, 2011.  Let me be the first(?) to let you know that the Corner Stable is AMAZING! BEST baby back ribs I have EVER had.... SO good that I've never eaten ribs anyplace else. Seriously!

The original Corner Stable is up in Cockeysville (north Baltimore County), and we discovered it about 30 years ago and go back up there as often as possible. The sauce on the ribs is magnificent and the ribs just fall off the bone. Apparently there are other dishes as good as the ribs but aside from trying the Hot Turkey Sandwich (also very good), I just stick with the rib dinner. The crab cakes get rave reviews but seriously your first trip has to include at least one order of ribs.

I strongly suggest you put it high on your list of places to check out.... OR, if you find yourself in northern Baltimore County beforehand, stop by the original location on York Rd.... Anyway here's a couple links to check out:


DAS said...

It's "Corner Stable" singular, and the ribs are excellent. They have a large menu, but no one I know has ever ordered anything but the ribs.

Joanne said...

The fries! Very, very tasty... though it has been 20 years since I've been there.

DSLevay said...

Whoops! I somehow missed this blog post! Thanks for adding my email message to it :) I think the Corner Stable will be a terrific addition to Columbia; another great restaurant that is not a chain.

Josh K said...

I have also eaten at the York Rd. location and I can say they certainly have far better baby back ribs than I have had in HoCo to date.

Rebecca said...

My husband and I visited this new place tonight - they were hopping for a Sunday! (Maybe because it's new.) My husband got the crab cake dinner, and it was the crabbiest cake I've ever had - the two bites I had were totally crab and no filling! I got the full rack of ribs, with the Texas bbq sauce, and they were incredible. I only had the one napkin, so I used my knife and fork, but didn't have to work at all to get the meat off of the bones - it seriously just full off the ribs. The green beans I ordered as one of my side dishes were tiny and fresh, probably steamed and still a little crunchy, which was delicious. The "homemade mac & cheese" left something to be desired - I though it was a bit bland and a little too creamy for my taste. My husband's fries were awesome. This is in our village center, and we'll definitely be back - really looking forward to going back and trying other stuff on the menu. The entrees seem a bit pricey, but the quality is excellent. Oddly, the dinner menu was a good bit shorter than the carry-out menu, to the extent that the dinner menu seemed a little sparse - but maybe as they get settled in, they'll expand it. Looks like they have great dinner specials, and I'm also very excited about the Blue Moon on tap - will be back for happy hour soon.