Saturday, January 29, 2011

Flavors Of India Restaurant Coming To Columbia

A new restaurant Flavors of India is aiming to open in what looks like the former Aida Bistro in Columbia -- and it looks like it could be getting close, according to reports from the HowChow investigations desk.

Flavors of India on Columbia Gateway Drive will have a liquor board hearing on February 8, 2011.  Investigative reporter Mrs. HowChow spotted the legal notice in the Howard County section of the Sun that was delivered this morning.

I had heard from Kalpesh on the HowChow Facebook page that the owners of House of India were planning a new restaurant aimed at southern Indian cuisine.  Now we have a name, and the Flavors of India folks also have a building permit (B10003953) under review.

Anyone know timing or other details about the plan?

(Update: Flavors of India opened.)

Flavors on Indian (coming in 2011?)
7185 Columbia Gateway Drive
Columbia, MD 21046

NEAR:  This is the old Aida Bistro space that the Italian restaurant vacated for its expanded home.  Columbia Gateway is off Rte 175 just west of I-95.  It's a hidden spot, but very easy to access.  The signs say "Col Gateway," which I thought was Colonel Gateway Drive when I moved here.


Anonymous said...

Just what the area needs, yet another Indian restaurant. Is there really enough demand for Royal Taj, Mango Grove/Mirchi Wok, House of India, Akbar and another restaurant? It seems pretty silly unless someone would finally think outside of the box. What the area could really use is a quick, Chipotle style quick service Indian restaurant. Please, do something different, no the same old lunch buffet.

little audrey said...

That's true, a counter-service-type operation like Spicy Garden in Catonsville, would be nice.

Anonymous said...

If they have less oily food than House of India, less surly staff than Akbar, less overbearing manager than Royal Taj, and quicker service than Mango Grove,.......They should do very well.

dzoey said...

I hope it is southern Indian and serves meat. Mango Grove has great southern Indian food, but I'm curious what meat dishes from that region are like.

My favorite Indian restaurant in Columbia is Royal Taj. I find the manager quite friendly and eager to see people. The food is excellent as well.

Dianne said...

Flavors of India is apparently now open. They have an ad and coupons in the Clipper Magazine I received today in the mail.

Junior Barnes said...

I went by there today. It appeared closed as there is a sign on the window saying "Coming Soon." (With no other details.)

Anonymous said...

I gave them a call based on their magazine ad in Smart Shopper and they said they are opening next week.

LisaY said...

Found 10% off coupons online:

Anonymous said...

I went their last night,the food was good,the ambience was nice,the service was good but slow and little disorganised for the first day,the portions were small(please give larger portions) for the price.I will go there agaain in a week and see if it will improve.

Unknown said...

Flavors of India is an embrassment to Indian Cuisine. From the tasteless, oily food the indifferent staff and the obnoxious manager. There are plenty of good Indian restaurants in Columbia so I would steer clear of this one.

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree with the previous reviewer (Sabrina)....I've been to Flavors of India twice since it opened, and the service has gotten better over time. You have to realize that a new restaurant is like a new car takes time to break it in. Quality of food was excellent (not very oily at all...and certainly less oily than at House of India). The service is still slow, but hope it gets better with time. The manager, Ram, was very humble and checked on our table a couple of times to see how things were (maybe you went on a day when he was off, and someone else covered for him??). Overall an excellent experience...they have the widest variety of food on offer when compared to other Indian restaurants in the area...north indian curries, south indian dosas, indo-chinese delicacies such as gobi-manchurian, specialty south indian curries ('chettinar' style).
Just give them some time to get 'in sync' and I bet you its going be known as one of the better indian restaurants in the Baltimore-Washington region.
bon apetite!