Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Curry and Kabob Brings Nepalese To Columbia (With Indian As Well If You're Branching Out)

Chicken thali at Curry and Kabob
You gotta get to Wilde Lake because this Nepalese food isn't going to eat itself.

Curry and Kabob opened last month in Columbia with a new contribution to Howard County -- a Nepalese menu on top of a northern Indian mix of naan, tandoori and curries.

We went last night, and it's a talented kitchen in a personable restaurant.  Nepalese -- at least to a foreigner's palate -- tastes like a cousin of Indian food.  There are some dumplings and the option for goat, but these are dishes welcome to anyone who likes Indian, plus a twist.

Our table at Curry & Kabob was a real twist.  We started with momos, a steamed dumpling with chicken, vegetables and spices.  They come with a deliciously spicy sauce that looks like tomato.  We kept more than half to save stomach space.

For the main course, we split two.  We went vegetarian for dhajara aalu, a dish made with potatoes and thin-sliced radish.  The radishes were apparently dried, then cooked back tender with the potatoes and a thick sauce.  We went flashy with the chicken thali, a metal tray with rice and a half-dozen small dishes.  Chicken, lentils, two different vegetables, yogurt and rice pudding for dessert.

Each dish showed off the kitchen's skill.  I almost passed on the thali because it had "mixed vegetables," but those turned out to be sautéed watercress with a light sauce.  They contrasted with the earthiness of the lentils and the mushroom-potato-pea curry.

We eat a bunch of Indian.  We love places like Royal Taj and Mango Grove.  But there is a frisson with something new.  Just the lentils were different and interesting.  The radish was spicy and beautifully tender, and I've never seen anything similar.  Go for the new stuff like goat curries and Nepalese vegetables, but be confident that you can order from a full Indian menu like samosas, curries, and tandoori specials.

Now go!  These were wonderful folks at Curry & Kabob.  They chatted us all night.  They explained dishes.  At the end, they asked us to send our friends.  It's a new place, and it's a tough place to run a business since that isn't the business shopping center.  So go!

For more suggestions, check out the comments on yesterday's post.  Curry & Kabob has a lunch buffet, and Clayton recommend a goat curry.  Does anyone know "dhedo?"  The waiter described it as mashed grains.  It comes on some thali variations, and I want to try next time.

Curry & Kabob Restaurant
10451 Twin River Road
Columbia, MD-21044

NEAR: Curry & Kabob is in the Wilde Lake village center. This is just west of the Columbia Mall. Twin River Road comes off Governor Warfield Parkway and runs into Wilde Lake. The shopping center is on the left.  Curry & Kabob is a few doors down from the Melting Pot and the Bagel Bin.

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Anonymous said...

Just from looking at their menu, what I don't like is there is no kids menu(well there is, but who wants chicken tenders?) Thats why Mango Grove gets a huge plus from us. One of the few Indian places that has a decent kids menu.

But we are a sucker for Indian food, so I'm sure we'll give them a try sometime.

Melodi said...

Please, please encourage your kids to eat the same things you eat. DO ask your server if there is a chance for a half size portion of some of the milder dishes,but how are they ever going to appreciate real food if all they get are nuggets?

Anonymous said...

Melodi: Maybe you misread me, or I wasn't clear ;)

Our kids *love* Indian food, I'm just to cheap to pay for a extra $15 dollar entree for each. Heck, my 5 yo loves Chicken vindaloo!

I was disappointed that their "kids menus" is either nuggets or tenders! Aren't they the same!?

Junior Barnes said...

Their website (with menu) is here:

kevlar51 said...

Agreed on inexpensive kids meals. I'll typically offer my kid as much as he wants from my plate, but I'd much rather pay $6 for a complete--and often healthier--kids meal.

Anonymous said...

I remember one time we were out of town and eating with family. They were taking us to "this fantastic mexican place. Your kids will love it, they have a huge kids menu"

I was thinking, mini tacos/burritos something along those lines. Nope.

Hot Dogs
Mac and Cheese
Fish Sticks

I was a bit annoyed. If I wanted to give my kids that I would have just taken them to a American restaurant. I really appreciate it, when ethnic places have smaller dishes for kids. My 3 are very adventurous regarding food, and they are disappointed when the kids menu is boring. Usually what I'll do, now that they are getting older, is order a entree and have them split it. But the problem is getting them to agree on what they all want. :|

I think this needs to be a How Chow post. Restaurants with good kids menus. I can think of a few.

El Hidalgo
Mango Grove
Royal Taj - They don't, but their buffet is free for young kids(I think 5 and under?) and one time they gave a friends kid a half portion. I haven't tried yet though.
Victoria Gastro Pub - They do but its American themed(Pizza, tenders, burgers) but its generally very good.

Anonymous said...

We had a wonderful meal at Curry & Kabob on Monday night. The naan was steaming hot and buttery - fresh from the oven. All of the dishes were freshly prepared and very flavorful. The service was excellent. This is a not-to-be-missed option worth seeking out in the not-so-lively Wilde Lake shopping center. Get a table by the window with a nice view of the green.

Neerman said...

On Aug 10, 2013, I organized a small dinner party with 60 people here. Since we belongs to a Nepali community and the restaurant was kind of mixed Nepali and Indian, we enjoyed the best of both. Though it was a bit far from Baltimore, I request all my guest to try this newly opened one and at the end, they really appreciated the nice food and different taste. I think its worth trying and my desicison to host party was well appreciated.

gorges said...

We ate here the second week in October and had a fantastic dinner of mixed Indian and Nepalese dishes. The service was attentive and the mild and medium heat was exactly as ordered. Awesome flavors. Will definitely go again.