Thursday, October 25, 2012

New Restaurant - Gluten Free - Opens In E. City

A new restaurant has opened on Hillsborough Road -- with a twist that its an entirely gluten-free menu, reports the Ellicott City Patch.

The One Dish Cuisine Cafe is in a residential area north of Rte 103.  The Patch reports that the company started delivering gluten free food to hospitals, health food stores like David's Natural Market, and elsewhere.  Now, they've opened the restaurant.

One Dish Cuisine Cafe, Deli & Bakery
8001 Hillsborough Rd
Taylor Village Center, 
Ellicott City, MD


Anonymous said...

I live in the neighborhood so I stopped in to check it out. Very drab and unappetizing atmosphere. Deli case was mostly empty and not displayed well. Looked like a couple of cheap old cold cuts. Since they advertise as a "cafe, deli and bakery" I thought I'd be able to get some muffins or cookies. Saw no bakery goods at all so I asked the girl at the counter what they had. She responded, "I think there's a loaf of bread in the freezer case." Overall impression - yuck. I don't give this place more than a few months. By the way, three restaurants have already opened and closed in that same space. Even a good restaurant (and so far none of them have been) would not be able to survive being tucked away in a subdivision where nobody else knows about it.

tacitus said...

Thats a real bad location - if a restaurant wants to succeed there they have to do a few things. Be willing to loose money for at least a year, have exceptional service and food, and make their unique mark. Just being an average place will not do.

I have been to 2 of the previous restaurants. The (Greek?) restaurant and merely OK food and horrible service - at least the night I was there. The kebab place actually wasn't too bad food-wise and service-wise, but it wasn't special enough to return very often. I am sorry it apparently didn't make it.

Eric said...

My wife and I were there on the 19th and thought it was reasonable. It is a difficult location for a restaurant. The owner(?) said they've been getting a good lunch business.

Anonymous said...

For those who may not know, unless you have Celiac Disease, there is absolutely no proven health benefits to eating Gluten free. Gluten is not bad for and cannot/will not harm anyone that does not have Celiac Disease. That said, it doesn't hurt to eat Gluten free if you feel like you should or need to, just know it isn't providing any health benefits for you, just different ingredients.

Anonymous said...

Gluten free is definitely for everyone. "Anonymous" should do more research. Try reading "Wheat Belly" for starters. The mass-produced ultra processed wheat products of today are nothing like our grandparents ate. Short of organic, whole grain it's best to avoid gluten products.

Joey said...

I don't think anyone is suggesting that instead of gluten free you should go out and eat a loaf of Wonderbread. This issue aside, health professionals always tout the benefits of eating whole grains as much as possible. But there is no benefit to gluten free for the average person. Get off the gluten-free Kool-Aid.

Emma said...

I am surprised to see the poor or mediocre reviews of One Dish Cuisine. I can only eat gluten-free, casein-free, soy-free products and my inner foodie has all but vanished; try going to a restaurant and explaining what GF/CF/SF means.

With that tangent out of the way, let me say that, while not in the most convenient location, One Dish is really delicious and the staff is knowledgeable about food allergies. Believe me, this is difficult to find. And their gluten-free pizza crust and breads that don't crumble or taste funny? Welcome back, inner foodie.