Sunday, October 14, 2012

HowChow Investigates: Mexican Restaurant To Replace Shuttered Donna's In Columbia

A new Mexican restaurant appears to be coming to Columbia near Rte 108 -- replacing the shuttered Donna's, according to extensive investigation conducted by HowChow's new investigative team for investigations.

Okay, fine.  Mrs. HowChow read the liquor board ads in the Sunday Sun.

It looks like Xitomate Cocina Mexicana wants a liquor license for the Waterloo Road location that used to be Donna's.  The space has a restaurant with a patio.  That run of Rte 108 is becoming a nice restaurant row with places like Victoria Gastro Pub, Coal Fire Pizza, and Jesse Wong's Asean Bistro.

Anyone know the details or timeline for Xitomate?  I see Web mentions of a Xitomate in Puerto Vallarta, but nothing local.

Also in the liquor ads:  It looks like Smokin' Hot in Glenwood is expanding.  Congrats to them.  I still haven't gotten out there to try the barbecue.


Josh K said...

Totally unsubstantiated rumor from a Bat Mitzvah conversation is that this restaurant is owned by the Azul 17 owners and it is geared to be more casual/less expensive.

LintMan said...

Less expensive would be good. I work in the area and could use a good lunch place. Between Eggspectations, Victoria Gastro Pub, and the (former) Donna's, that was about 2 pricey restaurants too many for that immediate area.

Just to mention, in that general area along 108 is also:

- Pasta Blitz: pizza/italian, just ok

- Eggspectations: breakfast-ish, rather overpriced but seemingly quite busy

- East Moon Asian Bistro (by Coal Fire): chinese/thai/sushi mix, delivers, not as good as Jesse Wongs, but not bad, either, but also a fair bit cheaper than Jesse Wongs.

- Tino's Italian Restaurant (near Jesse Wong's): pizza/italian, delivers, pretty good pizza and pasta.

- Wings to Go (near Jesse Wong's): take out wings/chicken, fairly pricey but I like their wings

- Sindy's Deli (a little further west down 108): deli, weekdays breakfast and lunch only, good food, reasonably priced. I wish they were open evenings/weekends.

And of course not that far east down 108 from the former Donna's, you'll find the Restaurant Park with Olive Garden, Applebees, Fridays and Bob Evans. And also Gateway Overlook with On The Border, Houlihans, and some other stuff I can't remember.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Azul 17 is the owners, based on this Craig's list ad.