Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Comfort: Royal Taj's Korma, Eggplant & Naan

Royal Taj when they took us in during the blackout
Comfort food doesn't make obvious blogging.

Work and a series of colds have kept me down -- and made us go back for food that we already know.  It's not new, but it's delicious and warm.

Royal Taj in Columbia was actually the place we fled during last summer's blackout.  We sat forever.  We would have been satisfied were just air conditioning, but they fed us well too.

Comfort food at Royal Taj generally means takeout.  Mrs. HowChow can drive home via Snowden River Parkway, so there is a choice of great Indian at House of India, Akbar, Mango Grove, etc.  That summer dinner converted her to Royal Taj.

Chicken korma and baigan barta.  They're mild dishes, full of the spices and flavors of Indian food, but not spicy in a hot pepper kind of way.  Sometimes, Mrs. HowChow mixes up the meat order by going with tandoor chicken.  At $14-20 an entree, Royal Taj isn't cheap, but we always get dinners and next-day lunches from two entrees and naan.

Naan really makes this a comfort dinner.  Warm bread makes everything seem better.

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