Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Links: Ale House Opens In Dec, Farmers Markets Stay Open To Nov, Beef Sandwiches, And More

The new Columbia Ale House will open in December, and some local farmers markets will stay open until November, according to some local blogs.

I love this new era where I can't link to every cool post about Howard County food.  Scan the blogroll in the right column and check in every once in a while.  If you do, you'll learn stuff like:
  • Waitresses at the Pratt Street Ale House are saying the new Columbia version -- off Dobbin Road just south of Rte 175 -- will open in December, says Wordbones on Tales of Two Cities.
  • Three of Howard County's five farmers markets will extend their season until just before Thanksgiving, reports AnnieRie on AnnieRie Unplugged.  Scan down.  She does great posts about local vegetables and meats.
  • You can make your own beef sandwiches with Adam -- who talked up a hamburger recipe and Wegmans' weck rolls on Option Pitch and Waffle Crisp.
Check out the other blogs listed there.  Kitchen Scribble has been writing about their CSA and baby food.  The Soffritto has applesauce and soup recipes.  And there's more.


Leeann said...


I'm enjoying your blog as always. However, I'm just letting you know that the last two times I have clicked on a link in your blog (like the Ale House link, for example,) it just takes me back to the blog posting I am on.

Thanks for all the great food ideas!

Anonymous said...

So where is everyone going to park for dinner? You already have Pei Wei and Qdoba. My guess is that you will have to park behind Fuddruckers.

HowChow said...

@Leeann -- It may be that you're clicking on links to places where I have only posted once. When I mention a place, I try to link to the page that has all the posts that have that place's tag. But if I only posted once, then the link will look just like the original post where yous tarted.