Friday, October 19, 2012

Cobbler And Hot Sauces At Smokin' Hot -- And Apparently Good BBQ To Go WIth Them

Hot sauces at Smokin' Hot
My friend DonkeyKong went to Larriland Farms last weekend for apple-picking, hay-riding, pumpkin-choosing, and cider-drinking and found lunch in Glenwood by stumbling on Smokin' Hot off of Route 97.

I'd just mentioned that Smokin' Hot was expanding in its location near Bushy Park Elementary and the Glenwood Library.  The Kong family ordered up, and they were so pleased that they took two pictures and knocked off a guest post.  But DonkeyKong was so excited by the hot sauces and dessert that I didn't even mention what meats he had.

Like every other place worth dining at in Howard County, Smokin' Hot was in a non-descript strip mall, but what wasn't non-descript was the great selection of house-smoked pit meats, phenomenal cobblers, and 12 original barbeque hot sauces delivered to the table for mixing and matching with your order.  
Sweet potato cobbler for dessert!
I'm a hot sauce junkie -- once even eating a peanut butter and salsa sandwich in college -- and there is no greater joy in my dining out than being presented with an array of sauces and testing them out on my index finger before a meal.  I probably could order just Smokin' Hot's condiments as a side and be satisfied.  The sauces range from a mayo-based "Alabama White" to a two vinegar-based sauces (one hot, one sweet) to honey-flavored smokiness to straight up peppery heat.  If I were a hot sauce mixologist (and there's no reason I can't be), this place would be my bar.  The only problem: The sandwiches and platters (while large) were too small for all my mixing and matching.

For dessert, we decided to devour a sweet potato cobbler.  The menu had an apple cobbler, a peach one, and a Dr. Pepper Chocolate cake.  All of them seemed to be straight out of a Southern cookbook, one where ham is a spice and soda is a necessary ingredient.  That means the desserts are great and non-non-fattening.  We discussed that for Thanksgiving we'd be taking an array of Smokin' Hot cobblers home to present as our own rather than try to create something far more pedestrian and certainly less pleasing.


Adam said...

This is Howard County's best BBQ, bar none. You really need to try it out, HowChow. The sides are oustanding and the smoked meats are ethereal. But the kicker are those sauces. Lots to choose from. apparently they do a lot of live music too.

Anonymous said...

No mention of the wings?? Smokin' Hot has the best wings I've ever eaten.

Annie Rie said...

Smokin' Hot, a place that really kicks it up. Love it.