Friday, October 26, 2012

Link: Three Local Spots Praised On Wine List

The users of Open Table voted on restaurants will great wine lists, and the Top 100 in the country includes three restaurants from Howard County, reports Richard Gorelick in the Sun.

Iron Bridge Wine Co., Aida Bistro and Bistro Blanc all made the Open Table list of "most notable wine lists."  The lists covers the entire country, and Gorelick reports that Maryland had nine slots -- the most of any state except California.  Congrats.

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sherringham said...

Reading this post made me remember a Freakonomics podcast I once heard on NPR's MarketPlace:

One of the research assistants set up a website and phone like for an Italian restaurant that didn't exist, sent in his application for a Wine Spectator award of distinction and received it despite note even existing. Ever since that, I kind of take those awards with a grain of salt...