Thursday, October 4, 2012

Comfort: The Classiest Takeout Dinner Around

A takeout spread from Sushi Sono
It's always odd to realize that I get such comfort from a food that I didn't really eat until after college.

Takeout dinners are a wonderful comfort on busy days, and you can get delicious takeout at many places around Howard County.  But the classiest takeout comes from one of the best restaurants -- Sushi Sono.

Sushi Sono's fish and rolls make it one of my favorite restaurants in Howard County, and I'm always surprised at how well it makes the trip home in the car.  I steer away from rolls with tempura shrimp.  That's no problem because you can fill a platter with good ideas -- the vegetable roll, the #14, bridal, hurricane eye . . .

Fill a pretty platter, and you could run a dinner party with Sushi Sono's takeout.  Plop the takeout containers in front of the television, and you can just relax with delicious fish.  Either way, it's a winner.

Sushi has become ubiquitous so you don't need to drive to downtown Columbia for Sushi Sono.  I'm just saying it's beautiful, amazing food that you can carry home.  Where do you get takeout sushi?  What rolls or other dishes take home the best? Check here for all the posts about sushi.


kam said...

I learned to like sushi a few years ago on my honeymoon in a Japanese restaurant in... Dublin. Since then, I have been practically insatiable, as if trying to make up for all those years where I could have been eating it but didn't. ;)

Anyhow, my usual takeout comfort sushi is from Katana in Elkridge, specifically the Maki Combo or the Spicy Maki Combo (a slight misnomer, as only some of the rolls are spicy, but the crunch is also good). Simple, but tasty and filling. It transports pretty well, although my last batch was not quite as artfully arranged as previous ones have been.


Anonymous said...

Not Sushi, but Dublin has an awesome little Indian restaurant -- getting hungry thinking about it -- best Indian food I have ever had.


Sabrina C said...

Sorry that this is unrelated to your post, but Congrats on your "Best of Howard County" blog! I enjoy reading your updates daily :)

Winner: HowChow (
Honorable mention
HoCo Rising ( by Tom Coale)
Pawsitive Outlook (
Tale of Two Cities ( by Dennis Lane)

Leslie said...

I picked up the Eastern Shore roll at Sushi King as a treat to myself. I often visit the sushi bar at Harris Teeter in Kings Contrivance when I just want a quick, tasty, and well-priced meal. They have a nice selection.

Brian in EC said...

I just had some takeout sushi for dinner tonight...Yama Sushi is my 'go to' spot. When my wife and kids want pizza, we get it from Trattoria Amore, which is a few doors down from Yama Sushi so it's very convenient. Tonight it was the Spicy Girl special roll, and their always tasty Alaska roll. It was a good dinner!

The Squishy Monster said...

I love Sushi and love/hate that it was just 6 years ago that it became popular in my town. Asian cuisine is so delicious and nutritious and hope it becomes more widespread!

Alicyn DelZoppo said...

#12 is still my favorite at Sushi Sono.