Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Clyde's Columbia To Renovate, Close For 8 Weeks

The Columbia Clyde's will get a full renovation starting in January -- more of the changes coming to the Columbia waterfront, reports Luke Lavoie in the Sun.

The restaurant re-upped a new 10-year lease, so they're doing cosmetic and structural improvements.  They'll close during the renovations, probably for about eight weeks.  This is part of many changes coming to down Columbia, and Wordbones has the broader real estate view on Tales of Two Cities.


Jim said...

None of the sources say whether Tomato Palace will be closed for all or part of the time. I personally talked to a manager of Tomato Palace a couple months ago and asked if they will be getting any updates when Clydes was remodeling and he said yes, but he never mentioned shutting down. I assume since right now they both share the same bathrooms, they will have to close down while that work is going on at least.

dzoey said...

I hope they improve the food at Clydes along with the remodeling. Last time there, I ordered the onion soup and was disappointed to find they had burned the onions. The artichoke & crab dip was just weird - it had large chunks (like 1/2 to whole) of artichoke hearts in it and was luke warm.

I'll wait to see how others like the remodeled version before returning.

dzoey said...

Quite a drive - up to US40, search for food, and then back down to Hopkins Rd.

I'm glad you're feeling better. It must have been a very long day being sick and not having the Internet for distraction/entertainment.

kevlar51 said...

Are they going to try to figure out how to cram more tables in there? Maybe stack them on top of each other like bunk beds? My wife and I had to leave when they crammed us into a tiny little spot. We couldn't hear each other from the noise and I was bumping elbows with folks on my left and right. When a waiter hadn't arrived after 5 minutes of waiting, we decided to leave.

Anonymous said...

I like Clydes but my husband is in a wheelchair and there only seems to be one table right up front where a wheelchair can fit. So we don't eat there.

I would hope that Clydes would consider accommodating handicapped customers when remodeling.

Jim said...

The Howard County Times yesterday answered my question about Tomato Palace. It mentioned that Tomato Palace will also be shutting down during the remodel.