Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Whole Foods: HHC Holds Dress Rehearsal

Wordbones has photos of an unusual event outside the Columbia building where the Howard Hughes Company appears to be trying to lease to Whole Foods.

Apparently, the company invited guests to mingle in front of the building in return for flowers, granola, dog biscuits and more.  No one talked on the record, but Wordbones said it was a dress rehearsal in the hopes that Whole Foods' CEO was driving past this morning.

Message to Whole Foods:  Columbia would be a great place for you to open.  That's one of the easiest places to drive from around the country, and a lakefront location could be awesome if you and HHC get creative with a cafe, seating, etc.

For more, check out the post on Tales of Two Cities.  He says the deal is close.


Anonymous said...

Any idea when those wegmans questions will be answered?

Marcia said...

Just seems like an odd thing. Holding a "dress rehearsal" IN CASE some person HAPPENS to drive by....

It makes no sense to me, how the described scene would convince Whole Foods that THIS is THE place to build. It explains why there seems to be no research or thought into what businesses open where in HoCo. But in this case, I hope it works. A Whole Foods right there would be wonderful!!