Sunday, February 12, 2012

Wegmans Getting Ready For Its Closeup

The Columbia Wegmans with bridges to the parking garage 
The Wegmans in Columbia is still a construction site, but now it looks like a store.

The driveways work, and you can actually drive up the Snowden River entrance to see the Wegmans front door.  The exterior looks nice to me, just a few holes left to fill.  The parking garage comes just a driveway from the building.  There are two wide bridges that will connect them on the second floor.

They have already installed some curbs.  Obviously, they need to repave and landscape.  On the McGaw Road side, they're planting trees.  (In February?)  Fun to see them knock off detail work.  Anyone know if June 17, 2012 is still penciled in as the opening?  There is chatter about whether good weather let them get work done faster.

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Rob said...

Follow up scuttlebutt: I tweeted to @Wegmans about the opening date being May 13th. They only replied by pointing me to the official company line:

I would say this does not make the rumor any more or less likely to be true. Personally, I am betting on Mother's Day (May 13th).