Monday, February 27, 2012

Is The New Kuramo Restaurant Opening In March?

I wrote three weeks ago about the Kuramo restaurant -- its sign promising a Columbia location and its Web site promising Caribbean-Nigerian food.

Last night, someone left a comment saying that he is the owner behind the project and saying that they'll open on March 9.  I was at Family Market this weekend and noticed that the giant sign had been taken out of the window.  There were people working inside.

The comment is signed by Orlando Morozov.  You shouldn't take a blog as truth, but it seems like a weird prank if it wasn't written by a guy trying to open a restaurant there.  Anyone know more?


Anonymous said...

Yup its true! I was invited to the soft opening private party this weekend. March 9th is the Grand Opening.

Tade said...

The Restaurant will be Opening on the 9th of March. it will be an awesome spot to hang out, or get a bite to eat. with its lovely decor and live band, i cant wait to see it open. you should all check out the website.

EverSincetheWatermelon said...

It looks like the website has been updated recently. It highlights its grand opening on the 9th with special flamenco and belly dancing and Brazilian music. Orlando Morozov is listed as the general manager. Looking forward to trying out some of their African/Caribbean food!

Anonymous said...

I got an invite for the grand opening, I couldnt make it but friends said it was nice and the music was good