Saturday, February 11, 2012

Questions For Wendy: Will Wegmans Babysit?

Over at the I Want The Columbia Md. Wegmans Facebook page, Julie asks the question whether the new grocery store will babysit Howard County's children:

Julie Speed PetersonAnyone know if the Columbia Wegmans will have the WKids - where you can drop off your kids for an hour while you do your shopping?
 ·  ·  · Thursday at 10:52am

I'd never even heard of WKids before.  I thought Ikea was the only company smart enough to employ child labor in the guise of "watching" your children while you shop.

It seemed like the perfect question to raise to Wendy Webster, the manager of the Columbia store slated to open in June.  Or at least to post here and then send on Twitter to @Wegmans.


Rob said...

Okay, here is some scuttlebutt that may be breaking news: when I was at the Verizon store yesterday, one of the sales guys named Bill said he had spoken to the on-site project manager in charge of installing the mechanicals for Wegman's. The PM claimed that due to good weather the construction is ahead of schedule and, therefore, will open on Mother's Day, May 13th, rather than June 17th, a full month ahead of schedule! I think it's time to contact Wegmans and try to confirm this.

Alison said...

I don't know about this Wegmans, but when I lived there the "big" Wegmans stores in Western New York offered this service, as did the flagship stores of sorts of their main competitor in the area, Tops. I'm not aware of any other chains in this area offering the service, so maybe Wegmans won't feel the need to either. Who knows.