Monday, February 6, 2012

Valentine's Cookies at Touche Touchet

Touche Touchet cookies
"Liquor is quicker, but a cookie means nookie."

That should be Touche Touchet's pitch to sell Valentine's Day cookies.  Beautiful, delicious cookies are individually wrapped in the displays at the Columbia bakery.

You'll pay $4 a cookie.  But they're worth it.  Hand-decorated with delicate script and a mix of slogans that run from the traditional ("I Love You") to the irreverent ("Bite Me," "Text Me") to even the anti-Valentine ("Stupid Cupid").

These are Touche Touchet's shortbread cookies with icing that is solid and lightly sweet.  It's an adult flavor and a treat that's worth the price and the special trip to Shaker Drive.  I went two years ago when the shortbread was formed into as heart-shaped lollipops.  They continue to have fun in that kitchen and let you bring the fun home.

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Anonymous said...

They've got beautiful and delicious St. Patrick's Day cookies and Easter cookies that equal the Valentine's ones. The counter guy told me the owner lets the decorator's be original and creative in the designs.