Saturday, February 4, 2012

Expect The Ambassador To Come To Fulton

The Ambassador Dining Room is looking to build a new restaurant in Fulton just off Johns Hopkins Road, according to the talk in Fulton.

I'd heard in January that an Indian restaurant was looking at space in the Maple Lawn development.  Now, people are saying that it's the Ambassador, a real Baltimore institution.  They're looking at the undeveloped parcels next to a bank and a day care center on Maple Lawn Boulevard.

The Indian restaurants are truly one of the deepest cuisines in Howard County.  High quality kitchens in Columbia that run from the established House of India, Akbar and Mango Grove to the newer Royal Taj and Flavors of India.  There is even a counter-service Indian place on Johns Hopkins called Tandoor Grill that I really enjoy.

Hello?  Mr. Gorelick to the information booth.  Would Mr. Gorelick please come to the information booth to officially confirm this with the Ambassador people?

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Morty Abzug said...

There is also Gateway Pizza's Indian menu.