Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hot Pepper Lemonade, Seriously: Prometheus Springs Pomegranate Black Pepper At Roots

Prometheus Springs hot-pepper-extract drinks
The Prometheus Springs lemonade actually delivers the spice, which I have to admit that I didn't really expect.

I grabbed the Prometheus Springs drink on a whim from Roots' cold beverage cooler.  The bottle promised pomegranate black pepper flavor and capsaicin spice.  That's the natural chemical in chili peppers, the one that gives them their bite.

Imagine a light lemonade with the aftertaste -- but just a tingle -- of hot peppers.  That's what they're selling there.  I guess there was a touch of black pepper and the sweetness of pomegranate, but the success here is that they measured in just enough hot pepper flavor to turn on my taste buds without turning me off.  It's refreshing and fun -- and a surprise in an era when all kinds of drinks promise something unique yet taste like everything else.

Prometheus Springs calls this a "flavored drink."  It's really a lemonade with the main ingredients being water, sugar and lemon juice.  Prometheus makes those vague health claims required of products at an organic market.  Mostly, I thought it was fun flavor.

Roots Market in Clarksville sells other flavors with mango, lemon and wasabi.  The bottle suggests pairing them with gourmet food, and that has me interesting.  A shot of Prometheus Springs and ice cream for dessert?

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