Saturday, February 11, 2012

What's Up At Chick 'N Pollo In Columbia?

Has anyone been able to eat at Chick 'N Pollo in the last week?

I can't get anyone on the phone over several days, and people have been leaving comments to say that the Columbia restaurant has been closed when they drove past.  I loved being able to get antichuchos and other Peruvian items -- especially the chicken and the spicy sauces.

Anyone know what's up there?


Bob Ferraro said...

It has been closed every time I went by since the beginning of the year. There is no sign explaining why they are closed. A real bummer.

Cate in Columbia said...

I also have not seen anyone in the restaurant in over 2 weeks. Such a shame, I loved their chicken.

Penny said...

We have given up, and are very bummed about it. Beyond the food being delicious, the people there were very nice. Once we ordered delivery, and between the time the food was ordered and the food was delivered, it was discovered that my beloved kitten had escaped. I was hysterical. The driver did a quick look around and then actually APOLOGIZED that he could not stay longer to help find her.

We did find the cat a day later, but I've never forgotten how sorry he seemed about not being able to help, and how nice they are there, and how glad I was to tell him when we went back that we found the cat and I wasn't hysterical anymore. I don't know them, but I miss them as much as the delicious chicken they made. I hope everything's okay.

J. in Hickory Ridge said...

I spoke with the owner of another business in the village center. I was told that the two couples (one Asian, one Hispanic) that owned the place got into a big fight late last year. The Asian couple have not returned to the restaurant since.

The Hispanic couple appear to have abandoned the business and claim to have placed the business up for sale. It is odd however to not continue running the restaurant while it is up for sale. It is more likely that they are going to walk away and let the business go into bankruptcy.

It is a shame. The place had a loyal following. And was part of a renovation of sorts for the village center.

JR said...

I am really going to miss their anticuchos and chicken. Hope they re-open soon.

nicole said...

Total bummer. Loved that place and their fried plantains.

Randy said...

Their Thai Fusion burritos were the main reason I kept returning. If Chick'n Pollo is indeed closing its doors for good, does anyone else know of a place that I could find something equivalent?

Unknown said...

Grille Chick'n Pollo restaurant at Hickory Ridge Village Center in Columbia RE-OPENNED on January 03, 2013.

We continue to offer our famous specialties like Peruvian Charcoal Broiled Chicken, Fried Yuca, Plantains,Yellow Rice & Bean, Peruvian Creamy Potato, Homemade Green Chicken Soup,Arroz Con Pollo, Anticucho, Thai Fusion Burrito and many more.

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Columbia, MD 21044
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