Friday, July 23, 2010

Link: Cazbar Kebap House In The Sun

The new Cazbar Kebap House in Columbia gets a review from Karen Nitkin in the Sun -- a similar rave for the beef kebap, but some concerns about the service and some of the dishes.  She also talked up the fruit nectars.

Good to see Nitkin back writing about Howard County food.  I hadn't seen her reviews recently.  I still remember when her husband arrived in the little glass press room at the back of the Hollywood City Hall.  Those were the days . . . .

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Clayton Koonce said...

HowChow, thanks for posting about Cazbar in Columbia. It's becoming a regular take-out place for me. The doner doesn't seem so good to me, if it's supposed to be like gyro-style meat, but I switched to the kebab and find that to be better. Also I like the opportunity to get a "six-pack" of the flat bread to use with other meals at home. It warms up perfectly on a plate in the microwave. So far for me, take-out ordered at the counter has been fairly fast.