Friday, July 2, 2010

R&R Tacqueria On Chowhound

The Mexican takeout in the Elkridge Shell station has changed its name to R&R Tacqueria, but it continues to turn out great Mexican food.

I recommended R&R's ceviche.  But my next meal will be the sopes con carne pastor recommended by Elgringoveijo on Chowhound.  He is one of several really good voices on Chowhound about food near Howard County.


Rob said...

I'll have to try that on my next visit. And let me leave a recommendation of my own: torta de lengua. As most know, the torta is a sandwich. I usually go for the chicken, which is prepared like chicken-fried chicken. However, the lengua is a different experience altogether. Instead of chicken-frying a piece of beef tongue, they used the same lengua used on their tacos, with a little jus, plus lettuce, queso, avocado, jalapenos, and mayo (I skip the refried beans) on grilled bread. It occurred to me after mentally ranking it as one of the best things I've eaten this year, that it was way better than any cheesesteak I've eaten.

By the way, Rodrigo says he is going to open another shop. Perhaps another HowChow reader can fill in some of the details.

Anonymous said...

I'm confirming the name change, my husband and I ate there on Saturday 7/3. Although the sign outside R&R still says "deli", the staff inside were wearing t-shirts that said R&R Taqueria. It was my first time eating there, after debating it for months while following HowChow reader suggestions. It was GREAT! We will definitely be back. We each had 1, carnitas, al pastor, & chicken taco. I was stuffed afterwards, as I thought the tacos would be a little smaller. The meat was tender and well seasoned. Tasty tacos! The carnitas was definitely our favorite, although we'd order all 3 again. Next time we'll be more adventurous in our selections. Thanks for the recommendation!

little audrey said...

Is Rodrigo on vacation or something? He wasn't there the last few times I went, and the sour woman who replaced him always charges more than the listed menu prices (I hate that) and her food isn't as good.

I think I'll put R&R "on hiatus" for awhile and try some of the newer Mexican places, like El Hidalgo.

Zeke said...

Liked the food (some of the items we wanted where not available....not in season? January.) The chicken tacos with cilantro and the verde sauce were very refreshing.....Crispy tacos were very good. Lamb was a little dry but interesting. Nice change. The one negetive aspect of our visit was the lack of assistance from the order taker. Being anglo and wanting to try new entrees we needed help....she couldn't be bothered. In spite of that experience we would go back. We also tried the sausage, chicken, cheese entree and it was well flavored, although a bit difficult to eat. Don't wait to eat it...the cheese congeals quickly. We are looking forward to trying it again and hope to get someone who is up for better cutomer service.

Jeanne and PJ said...

After reading your rave reviews we "adventured" out to try tacos at a gas station. We tried a chicken taco, a carnitas taco and 2 al Pastore tacos. All were great! The al Pastor were far and away the best. The spice mix is great and we didn't want to stop eating them. We will be back!

Only problem is trying to eat them in the car. Messy!