Thursday, July 1, 2010

Link: An Loi On The Baltimore Snacker

The city folks keep coming to Columbia for culture -- at least a play and a Vietnamese dinner for the Baltimore Snacker.

The Snacker posted about An Loi where he and friends ate pho, pork with vermicelli and salty lemon soda.     An interesting find: He discovered that An Loi makes its own fish sauce.

I have written before about An Loi, which is on Snowden River Parkway.  The pho makes wonderful takeout because they package the broth, noodles, and vegetables separately.  When you get home, you assemble it as fresh as you would have it in the store.  And the salted plum and lemon sodas were one of my original finds for HowChow.  I recommend those and the Vietnamese coffee.


John said...

I have never heard of pho take out. Every Vietnamese restaurant I have ever gone to - well, those I've asked - tells me that pho isn't the best thing to take home because the meat cooks in the broth.

It really is an inexpensive restaurant and I found it was pretty fast!

Anonymous said...

It's an East Columbia secret. Go away! Nothing to see here! There's good pho in Arlington, I hear. :-)

-- David P