Sunday, July 25, 2010

Cheese On Sale At The Harris Teeter

Harris Teeter has put its specialty cheese on sale through Tuesday -- which mostly brings them back to the realm of reasonably price, but seems worth noting if you wants to try something new.

Emkenton pointed out the sale to me.  We both shop at the Teeter, but that cheese section doesn't have the excitement or prices of our long-delayed dream (or the employees with that seductive enthusiasm that convinces me to try new items):
Just wanted to pass along that all the specialty cheeses at Harris Teeter (which appears to be all cheeses in their case) are 25% off through Tuesday.  I totally missed it when I was in there on Wednesday, but today at KC, they had a big display on ice right at the front of the store.  I've always found their cheeses to be quite expensive so, honestly, 25% off might just get it down to Wegmans prices, but hey-- I'll take what I can get!  Sure makes trying new cheese a little easier on the wallet!
Funny aside:  we really liked a sample of some sort of basil cheese we had in there a few weeks ago, so I asked the lady about it today.  She pointed immediately to a giant wrapped block with "Basil" in huge letters and cut me exactly how much I wanted.  (Which wasn't much since the regular price is $19.99/lb--gulp!)  It wasn't until we walked away that I realized it was Basil's brand smoked cheese.  Just tried it upon getting home and, sure enough, it is not the cheese with basil actually in it that we had sampled.  Oh well.  Glad I like smoked cheese!
(Update: I fixed the first sentence to say "Tuesday," not Thursday.  Thanks em!)


emkenton said...

Hope people can try some new cheese in the next couple of days! But just a heads-up that their sale cycle runs through TUESDAY, not Thursday as the first paragraph states.

Happy tasting!

Anonymous said...

I was able to pick up a few cheeses I wouldn't usually have.